Bringing About Corporate Sustainability

Posted by Rishi Malhotra ,5th Apr 2022
Bringing About Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is a term that you keep hearing a lot these days. It’s a now become a global buzz term. The phrase corporate sustainability originated from the notion of "sustainable development" and "triple bottom line”, where triple bottom line essentially is an accounting framework with three parts: Social, environmental and financial.

What it essentially entails is an aim to generate long-term stakeholder value through the application of business strategies and practices that focuses on implementing ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions of doing business in an all-pervasive manner which does not harm the environment.

These strategies are aimed to promote longevity, transparency, and proper employee development within business organizations via environmental social governance (ESG) practices. So essentially, we can define corporate sustainability as the strategy whereby a business delivers its goods and services in a smart and intelligent ecologically friendly manner that is both environmentally sustainable and supports its economic growth.

Attaining corporate sustainability can only be possible if we have agile processes and practices in place within an organisation and the leadership team also creates and environment of sustainable culture. This essentially means designing more resilient and sustainable resources, infrastructure, processes, and operations.

To highlight the above for example: Organisations can strive towards sustainability by creating intelligent asset management, monitoring, and predictive maintenance by incorporating sustainability considerations at their disposal. This can be achieved by implementing agile IT and business process management solutions like use IoT data, AI and analytics, machine learning, ergonomic cloud computing, hiring efficient and trained workforce and promoting upskilling at work via professional development initiatives and relevant trainings.

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So why wouldn’t we all want to work towards that vision?